Year 2017

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April/May 2017
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St Thomas' Church 24/04/2017
07:00 PM SG4
Operatic Duet
Adjudicator: Bryan Husband
Official accompanist: Madeline Kelly
Test: Own choice.
1. Samantha Faragher Onchan W
2. John Rimmer Castleward 85 C
3. Ruth Tickle Douglas 87 D

Operatic Solo (Adult)
Adjudicator: Bryan Husband
Official accompanist: Madeline Kelly
Test: Own choice to be sung in the key in which it would be sung in the opera.
Best Tenor: Robert R. Nicholl Rose Bowl.
Best Baritone: William Curphey Memorial Challenge Cup.
Best Soprano: Pat Quigley Trophy.
Best Bass: Wilkinson Cup.
Best Mezzo-Soprano: Gladys Skillicorn Rose Bowl.
Best Contralto: Lilliard Pickard Shield.
Official Accompanist must be used.
Award: Best Soprano - The Pat Quigley Trophy Best Mezzo - The Gladys Skillicorn Rose Bowl Best Contralto - The Lilian Pickard Shield Best Operatic Tenor - The Robert R Nicholl Rose Bowl Best Baritone - The William Curphey Memorial Challenge Cup Best Bass - The Wilkinson Cup
Best Tenor M Corkill Best Baritone - John Rimmer Best Bass - Terry Qualtrough Best Sop - Sarah Elder Best Mezzo - Catherine Williamson Best Contralto - Debbie Gooding
1. Simon Bampton Jurby West 85 C
2. John Rimmer Castleward 86 C
3. Emily Coates Douglas 85 C
4. David G Williams Onchan 85 C
5. Karen Elliott Peel W
6. Mel Read Peel W
7. Debbie Gooding Douglas 86 C
8. Sarah Elder Glen Vine 86 C
9. Kay Harker Douglas W
10. Terence Qualtrough Castletown 88 D
11. Samantha Ash Douglas 85 C
12. Helen Prescott Douglas 85 C
13. Catherine Williamson Colby 86 C
14. Denise Groenewald Braddan 85 C
15. Michael Corkhill Douglas 87 D
16. Morag Withey Douglas W